Our office provides a wide range of technical services of architects and engineers for private projects of any scale.


  • Architectures
  • Static
  • Electromechanical
  • Topographic
  • Environmental, feasibility and sustainability


  • Construction Permits for conventional and special buildings
  • Health stores
  • Professional workshops
  • Garages, stations and car wash
  • Fuel stations
  • Craftsmanship – industry
  • Multipurpose rooms


  • Certificate of legality and unstructured land
  • Land use certificate
  • Arbitrary construction, legalization, subordination
  • Energy Performance Certificate (PEA and PEAK)
  • Electronic Building Identity (HTAK)
  • Zero consumption certification LEED certification


  • HOUSES (land acquisition, blueprints, budget, time planning, design, model, 3D, building permit, supervision, construction, lighting, decoration, furnishing, clothing, environment)
  • STORES, BUSINESSES, HOSPITALITY in addition to the above:, establishment and operation license, consept, branding, logo, arts and grafts promotion, graphic design and mockups, professional equipment, advertising, promotion, clothing, after sale service.

RENOVATIONS, REPAIRS (design, construction, equipment, licensing)

  • Short term leasing (Air bnb, Booking).
  • Hotels and tourist accommodation
  • Industry, crafts
  • Shops
  • Offices
  • Residential

SHORT TERM RENTALS (Consulting, study, planning, Design Concept, Interior Design, construction, equipment, support)

We transform individual spaces and buildings of any scale into short-term apartments in accordance with international standards of operation, decoration, equipment and facilities. that have been shaped about this modern business. We respond to every budget and offer turnkey integrated solutions in a short time.

BIOCLIMATIC BUILDINGS (design, construction, equipment)

  • Passive bioclimatic homes (Energy Efficiency A)
  • Hybrid bioclimatic buildings (Energy Efficiency B +)
  • Energy upgrading of homes and buildings ((Energy Efficiency B +)
  • Buildings near zero energy consumption nZEB (Energy Efficiency A +)


  • Design
  • Counseling
  • Green Construction
  • Facilities, equipment
  • Certification


  • External wall insulation
  • Energy frames (doors, windows)
  • Shading systems
  • External roof and pilotis insulation
  • Lighting systems
  • Heating, cooling, ventilations
  • Use of RES (Renewable Energy Sources)


  • Restoration of carbonated steel concrete
  • Concrete failures
  • Concrete sulfuring
  • Wall shaking and icebreaking
  • Wall’s peeling
  • Humidity
  • Wall cracks and cracking
  • Heat energy loosing

STORES (design, consept, branding, licensing, change of use, manufacture, decoration, equipment, support)

  • Health care (food, nutrition, bakery)
  • Catering (Restaurants, Catering, Fast Food)
  • Pharmacies
  • Optics
  • Hairdressers, onyx plastic
  • Fun (Night bar, spectacles)
  • Shopping malls and malls


  • House using
  • Industrial and commercial use
  • Multi storey buildings
  • Composite structures
  • Logistic centers
  • Office buildings
  • Exhibition centers
  • Hangars
  • Car Park areas
  • Sports facilities

SPECIAL BUILDINGS AND SPECIAL TECHNICAL PROJECTS (design, construction, support equipment)

  • We undertake the study and construction of each phase of each project we are studying or planning and licensing. also
  • Hotels, Children’s Countryside, Camping
  • Health and retirement buildings
  • Business and administration buildings
  • Industrial and craft warehouses
  • Metal, Composite, Wooden buildings
  • Nomadies, Monuments, Gardening, Garden Kiosks, Loggias
  • Defense, Surveillance and Monitoring, Electronic Cages,
  • Swimming Pools, Tanks, Canals, Artificial Lakes, Silos, Floodplains.
  • Exhibition booths and screenings
  • Seismic shielding, earthquake repairs
  • Firewalls, Lightning Protection, Fire Safety
  • Gas Stations, Parking, Garages and Car Washes
  • Lattices, Sky lights, Glass ceilings, Serras, Glass panels

INDUSTRIAL SUPPORT PROJECTS (design, construction)

  • Concrete and metal silos
  • Wastewater collection channels, Biological receptors, Separators (starch, oils), OD tanks
  • Repairs, Reinforcements and Shields of Metal and Mixed Metal Plates and Plates
  • Lofts (concrete, metal, mixed) Ready partitions, Drywall partitions, Industrial floors (concrete, epoxy, non-slip, waterproof.
  • Loading ramps (concrete, hydraulic, mixed),
  • Logistics (operating, storage, handling, loading, shelves, check control)
  • Design of courtyards and access control (entrance guarding, asphalting, planting, fencing, traffic and signage, parking) sanitary and accommodation spaces