Project: New hybrid bioclimatic housing in Marathon

Services: design, supervision, construction

Location: Marathon, Schinias

Details: Solar Heating Bioclimatic Energy Efficient House A.

Year: 2019

Surfaces: 155.00 sqm

Status: under construction


The two-storey house is designed with the principles of bioconditioning. It applies two pairs of transverse shafts, one defining the sides and building lines of the plot, and one just south oriented on which the large glazed windows that are the solar thermal energy entry gates, are opened. The direction of incidence of solar rays in large southern glazing is controlled by fixed louver inclined in winter azimuth. The thermal surplus of sunshine heat storage is stored in ventilated rock beds and is provided at night.

The hybrid home heating system is water-to-water sunbathing. The solar collector system stores hot water in a 1000 liter inert buffer with a capacity of 72 hours. The heat exchanger supplies an underfloor low temperature (40 C) pipe circuit. The entire system is assisted by a three-way valve, a 15 KW water-to-water heat pump. Hot water is provided by a classic solar water heater.

Thermal facade application, break-in windows and energy-efficient glass panels complement the hybrid bioclimatic model that achieves energy efficiency levels A. Possible future addition of photovoltaic power panels of 5-6 KW will classify energy-efficient class A + energy consumption buildings nZEB.



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