Human resources


he ‘Kostas Paliouras & Associates, Architects – Engineers’ technical office is staffed by capable, trained and experienced partners.

With my colleagues we share the worry of searching and the joy of success. Our technical staff is constantly updated and trained on new material and techniques to derive the best results from the innovative material and technologies we use.

Together, we capitalize on experience, upgrade training, invest in information and update our know-how portfolio.



ur design springs from the endless traditional sources that energize our inspirations and serves the expectations of each owner with respect and responsibility. It is ripe and fresh, sparse and bold, timid and unexpected, full of color and light. It adopts our aspirations and faithfully satisfies our philosophy. It is an imprint of complete, feasible, functional and sustainable artistic proposals defining Art, Man, the Environment, Economics and Time.

Sustainable Construction


uring design and even more during construction, we are firmly focused on Sustainable Construction. Poor quality studies, simplified and “easy” modes of construction, incomplete knowledge, incomplete information and manufacturing superstitions help to produce unhealthy places that burden the economy and the environment

We strive to work with building owners, direct workshops, inform local communities and authorities. We utilize water resources (rainwater and groundwater, waste water management), apply bioclimatic design, harness renewable energy sources and integrate recycled and reusable ecological materials. We combine environmental, cultural, quality, functional and economic parameters and create new or refurbished spaces that are ‘friendly’, affordable, quality, durable and offer healthy and comfortable living conditions with multilevel return (reduced CO2 emissions, reduced energy consumption, CO2 emissions).

Bioconditioning, Inc., nZEB buildings with LEED certification


onsistently focused on sustainable construction, we design homes and buildings focused on low energy consumption by applying bioclimatic design (passive systems) and the addition of Renewable Energy Sources (solar thermal, geothermal, wind energy, solar energy, photovoltaic) . The additional charge on the initial investment cost is depreciated in the short term and yields permanent and long-term energy benefits such as:

  • Passive bioclimatic homes with Energy Efficiency of at least B +
  • Βιο Hybrid Bioclimatic Buildings with Energy Efficiency of at least A.
  • Energy Upgrading of Energy Efficient B + Houses and Buildings
  • Buildings with near-zero energy consumption (nZEB) with Energy Efficiency A + where energy consumption is cut by at least 80% for heating, cooling and lighting. Adding photovoltaics creates zero-energy buildings that can be awarded a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification.

Metal and mixed buildings


e study, design and construct metal and mixed-use buildings (homes, bioclimatic homes, commercial, warehouses, sheds) for every purpose, aiming at the rapid construction of safe, durable, economical, functional and elegant constructions.

We use the Eurocodes 3 (bar elements) and 4 (mixed buildings) and the most up-to-date software programs to design, calculate and measure the vector.

The metal carriers we manufacture apply ISO 9001: 2000 and are subject to quality control of raw material and paint. Carriers’ welds are tested through ultrasonic testing, visual testing, and magnetic testing, all at SNT level II.